Eliminate manual work, and close more deals with PandaDoc +

Eliminate manual work, and close more deals with PandaDoc +

We love talking about productivity here at PandaDoc. 

Seriously, this is a productivity stan account. 

We like to think of productivity as the one thing sitting in the way of you ending your day on time and burning the midnight oil.  

If you’re new here (or have been living under a pile of bamboo), we regularly release features to help you boost productivity and increase efficiency. 

We believe that everyone should be empowered to get more done in less time. We also think it’s important that you have time for yourself and the things that make you happy. 

That’s why today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the king of productivity… 

If you’re unfamiliar with, here’s a quick overview. Work OS is a platform where anyone can create and run every aspect of their work.

On top of this robust Work OS is the monday CRM – an intuitive and centralized platform that empowers sales teams and managers to take full control of their sales pipelines, manage contacts, and streamline all sales processes – while still getting the full picture at a glance.

Enters PandaDoc for 

The PandaDoc + integration brings the document automation capabilities of PandaDoc directly into your monday CRM.

Here’s what you can do directly within your monday CRM: 

  • Build documents from scratch or a pre-existing template and replace variables with customer data pulled from your monday CRM 
  • Track the status of your documents in real-time with instant alerts whenever an action is taken on your documents (opens, views, comments, or eSigns)
  • Send customized proposals, contracts, and other documents out for eSignature 

By integrating PandaDoc with monday CRM, you’ll be able to unlock enhanced productivity, streamline repetitive tasks and eliminate inefficient processes. 

Ready to check it out? Visit our landing page to learn more. If you’re unfamiliar with monday CRM, take a deeper dive into the platform and discover all of the robust features this simple, streamlined CRM has to offer. 

If you’re already a user, check out this helpful resource that demonstrates the steps needed to set up the integration within your existing PandaDoc account. You can also install the PandaDoc App directly from’s Apps Marketplace.

The PandaDoc + integration is available for business and enterprise plans. 

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