Individual growth powers PandaDoc growth

Individual growth powers PandaDoc growth

The best investment PandaDoc makes every year is in employee development. In many work places, employee and company interests creates conflict. The company wants employees to get good at a job and stay there, while employees want to gain skills to push their careers forward. PandaDoc prioritizes giving employees resources to develop so that they stay engaged, enjoy work, and ultimately help PandaDoc grow.

Choice is powerful. When people feel like they can make choices in the direction of their future, they are empowered to take advantage of it. PandaDoc provides each employee a choice in their development. A yearly stipend that can be spent on any class, book, or seminar that an employee feels will benefit their career. Each Panda can choose what interests them and pursue it.

Two weeks a year, individuals also get to travel to other PandaDoc offices and work closely with other departments as continued education. Choice is great, but what about when Panda’s don’t know what to choose?


PandaDoc is built on its diversity. We have employees all over the world with different background and career experience. We encourage every Panda to take a mentor in the company to help them make career choices. Frequently employees choose someone more senior in their department, but ultimately they can choose anyone in the organization to learn from.

We have built a great culture by not only having PandaDoc invest resources into employee development but by having our employees invest in each other. PandaDoc also works with world class advisors, giving individuals access to industry veterans to help guide their growth.

PandaDoc has one of the best cultures in the tech space, and it is not by accident. Employees that are given resources and mentors to grow become fantastic candidates for more senior positions. Those same managers and directors are now excellent mentors because they understand this makes their teams stronger. The company wins because happy, engaged employees keep the culture moving forward.

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